Community life

ADENIT Association:

The ADENIT aims to ensure the links of contact and cooperation and to strengthen the bonds of friendship between its members, to contribute for the development of the school and its influence and the support to preserve the intellectual level of the graduates, to train its members to integrate them into professional life and help them to enrich their general and professional knowledge as well as to facilitate cultural and scientific and technical communication between them, to create cultural and scientific relations with associations within the country and to outside…

IAESTE Association:

IAESTE Tunisia is run by students. All positions, as a board member and for the majority of activities, are carried out by alumnis and student volunteers from the National Engineering School of Tunis in addition to their studies. In this way, IAESTE provides them the opportunity to gain experience in multiple areas such as project management and team work, even before getting out of the auditorium into the big wide world! Nowadays, IAESTE Tunisia manages over 100 exchanged offers per year in order to fulfill the needs of its employers and applicants.

Clubs & other associations