Computer and Telephone Network Service

IT and Telephone Network Service (SRIT)

Mission of the SRIT:
Manage and promote IT, telephony and videoconferencing (hard and soft) at ENIT.
Individual beneficiaries of SRIT services:
  • Teachers
  •  Researchers
  •  Students
  • Administrative
Grouped beneficiaries of SRIT services:
  • Teaching Laboratories (Practice Rooms)
  •  Teaching Units
  •  Departments
  •  Laboratories and Research Units
  •  Administration Services of ENIT
  • Service of the national competition of engineers
  • Directorate of Continuing and Distance Learning

Services offered by the SRIT:

Bénéficiaires : Tous

  • Network Administration
  • Creation and maintenance of user accounts on the Active Directory domain (Intranet, proxy)
  • Management of the network configuration
  • Connectivity: installation, diagnosis and repair of network components (hubs, switch, wiring)
  • Booking and configuration of videoconferences
  • Creating and maintaining Mails RNU and UTM accounts (Google For Education)

Use in two modes
Beneficiaries: Frames

  •   Network connection,
  • Hard Updates,
  • Hardware Failure Diagnostics and PCs Level 1 Repair
  • Technical advice
  • Installation, Software Updates
  • Technical advice

Department of Studies, Students

  •  Online booking for self-service resources
  • Online registration at IDRC
  • Consultation of Results

Administration of
teaching labs

  • Beneficiaries: Departments and Teaching Units, continuing education programs and competitions, DFPA

Staff of the site

Adnen Ben ABID

Chokri Akkari

Monji Khellili


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