Industrial Engineering

Business and opportunities

Training and Study Plan

The courses are of different kinds: theoretical courses, tutorials, practical work but also personalized work (projects) and design offices. Not to mention that technical visits and study trips are included in the compulsory curriculum of engineering students. The corporate culture, the foundation of engineering education, is provided through internships (worker, engineer) and the end of studies project. The balances between these different lessons are observed with the greatest attention in the school and preside over the habilitation of new specialties, options or any partial modification of the Study Plan.
Teaching Units:
The teaching activities of the GI department are organized within Pedagogical Units:


The research is organized in Laboratories and Research Units:
  •  Laboratory of Modeling and Simulation in the sciences of the Engineer
  •  Photovoltaic Research Unit and Semiconductor Materials The LPMS
  • Research Unit in Geotechnical Engineering
  • Solar energy,

Formation Doctorale :

  •  PhD in Industrial Engineering
  • Master in Industrial Systems Engineering
  • PhD in Applied Mathematics
  • Master in Applied Mathematics

Specialized Training

  • Specialized Master in Business Creation and Management of Innovation (CREMI)