Machine Building Workshop: Makers for Tunisia

ENIT, in partnership with Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg, is pleased to invite you to the “Machine Building Workshop: Makers for Tunisia” event, which takes place from 21 to 27 June at Fablab ENIT. This event is a first in Tunisia. It is part of the Open Lab project “Places of Incubovation”, funded by the BMBF. It is a workshop of 3D machines manufacturing, open source, which brings together about fifty Makers from different Fablabs and academic institutions. The goal of the workshop is to prove that it is easy to manufacture open source machines and that they can to be a vector of innovation for our country. Participants will be trained and accompanied by coaches from Tunisia, Germany, Nigeria and Italy. Three machine assembly workshops will be held simultaneously at the ENIT premises at Building F2 of the Civil Engineering Department. Thursday 27 June is the highlight of the event; this day will be the exhibition of manufactured machines (F2 Building) and two panel sessions on the impact of open source digital production for the university and industry (Mokhtar Laatiri Conference Hall).