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Founded in the late sixties (Law N ° 4161 of 31/12/1968), ENIT is the oldest of the engineering schools of Tunisia. The founder – and first director of ENIT – is Mr. Mokhtar LAATIRI, a Tunisian engineer and senior official. Since its creation, ENIT has continued to be entrusted with decisive national missions. Polytechnic of vocation, it provided to the young Tunisian state which had just recovered its independence, its high technical executives who laid the bases of the civil and industrial infrastructure (electrical production, factories, dams, road networks, works, etc.) . Such infrastructures have largely contributed to sowing the springs of the economic development of Tunisia today.
Similarly, during the 1980s, it spun over some of the youngest engineering schools enriching the Tunisian panorama of engineering education today. Lastly, ENIT has been and continues to be a renewable pool of experts and senior executives of the State, with recognized expertise in the fields of higher education, research and engineering.


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Today, ENIT draws on its history and experience ideas and strengths to face new challenges
train more engineers in a context of international competition capable of producing, innovating and undertaking within the framework of the knowledge society,
make a decisive contribution to the creation of an advanced research base in the field of engineering sciences and techniques that has a direct impact on the Tunisian citizen.

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