Mechanical Engineering

Business and opportunities

The ENIT Mechanical Engineering program offers a polyvalent generalist training with a mechanical focus, allowing the future Mechanical Engineering Engineer to be present in all major sectors of the industry: automotive, aeronautic and railway transport, food industry, equipment, biomechanics, nanotechnologies , high value-added technological service, etc. The Mechanical Engineering Engineer at ENIT integrates in all these areas and intervenes throughout the life cycle of industrial products through the different phases of a project: research and development, design, pre-project, development, industrialization and organization, exploitation, recycling, etc. ENIT’s mechanical engineering professions are practiced in industry in Tunisia and internationally. The acquisition of an international industrial culture is ensured by the basic training but also by the professional training courses and the end-of-studies projects realized within the international industrial groups: MICHELIN, AIRBUS, PEUGEOT-CITROEN, ARCELORMITTAL, HUTCHINSON, VALEO, ZODIAC AEROSPACE, KROMBERG & SCHUBERT, COFICAB, TELNET TECHNOLOGIE, etc. The Mechanical Engineering Engineer usually works in various sectors:

Study Plans

The ENIT Mechanical Engineering Engineer training allows to acquire various scientific and technical skills qualified as transversal: mathematical modeling and computer programming, mechanical design and Computational Mechanics, shaping processes and choice of materials , production and quality management, project management and management, Lean manufacturing, etc. Speakers from international industrial groups such as PEUGEOT-CITROEN, AIRBUS, VALEO, … enrich the training of our Mechanical Engineers engineers.

Teaching Units

The teaching activities of the GM department are organized within Pedagogical Units:

Doctoral studies :

Clubs & Student projects

  • ENIT ECOCAR: 1st Tunisian team participating in the international competition SHELL ECOMARATHON since 2014. ENIT ECOCAR is ranked 29th in the world and 1st on the African and Arab scale at the London 2016 edition.
  • Mechanical Engineering Club: Karting, certifications, organization of national competitions, etc.